I'm so glad you stopped by my little shopeen!

I'm Amanda, the brains, the madness, and the labour behind Crafty by Nature. All these products are born of some mania, desire or curiosity - a wish for less plastic polluting the planet... the desire to make things sparkle... the wish to make the most effective barrier to protect my family, friends, and the people we don't even know from Covid... the need to use up my craft materials before they take over the house... the joy of rediscovering knitting... and a growing obsession with felting...

All these items are handmade here in Dublin 8, and I'm hoping that my lovely neighbours will order my products so I can drop them around to their door. For everywhere else in the world - An Post are great, aren't they?

Hopefully, you've found something you love so much, you've put in an order, but maybe you would like just a small variation on something? I can't promise anything, but where I can, I will adapt an item to make it just right for you!

  • I love feedback, so please drop me a line at Please allow a little time for me to reply, as a lot of my crafting takes 2 hands and a sharp implement so I can't always get back to you straight away.

Stay safe and sane, my lovelies




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